Sim Setup - Prepar3D/FSX/MSFS

Local Setup (P3D / MSFS / FSX)

If your simulator and SimToolkitPro are on the same device your simulator should be detected running and automatically connected to if possible. FSUIPC based connections require the FSUIPC module relevant to your simulator to be installed. The free version works just fine!

SimConnect connectivity is available for P3D, MSFS and FSX. FSUIPC is only available for P3D and FSX currently.


Network Setup (P3D / FSX only)

What you need: FSUIPC, WideClient.

Network setup for FSX/P3D requires the setup of FSUIPC and a copy of wide client. There is currently no support for connection to P3D/FSX from a non-windows secondary device, I am looking at solutions for this.

Now to the actual setup, on your simulator device ensure the FSUIPC module is installed correctly. This can be determined by the existance of it in the modules/addons menu.

If FSUIPC showing in the list, now we move to the second device. Install SimToolkitPro if you havent already. In the settings page ensure you have the simulator you are using selected in the General Settings. Then move to the Prepar3D/FSX/FS2020 settings page.

In here we want to make sure the Connection Method is set as "FSUIPC"

With that selected, start up the WideClient application making sure it manages to connect to your simulator. Onces WideClient is connected you should be able to connect SimToolkitPro, this is not handle automatically on a network connection and should be done manually from the dashboard.