A quick walkthrough on creating a new non-root user on Kali Linux and adding this user to the sudoers. In this brief guide we will add a user called dan and add this user to the sudoers group. To get started open a terminal window. With the window now open issue the following command

useradd -m dan 

This will add a new user named dan, the -m option creates a home directory for the user. This home directory will usually be located at /home/dan unless your default home directory location has been changed. Next lets add a password to the account.

In your terminal window issue the following command.

passwd dan

This will prompt you to enter a password for the newly created user.

Now its time to add the user to the sudoers group. This will allow the user to execute commands with root privileges by prefixing the command with sudo and entering their password.

usermod -a -G sudo dan

The -a option tells usermod you are adding, -G sudo  means the group sudo and then the user. Now we have added the user, set a password and added them to sudoers, we must specify a shell for the user.

chsh -s /bin/bash dan

This command changes the shell to the one specified after -s for the user. After this you are all done. You can logout of root and login as your newly created user. Any commands or scripts requiring elevation can be executed by prefixing with sudo and entering the users password.